Skin Care Tips

The best and most honest skin care tips have really little to do with skin care products! To take the best care of your skin you need to start looking at diet, rest and exercise, in no particular order, but all more or less of equal importance.

With reference to skin care products, don’t expect any one product to go on working for you for ever. Skin is not static – it is for ever renewing – and has a way of adapting to the ingredients of the products you use. As an example, you might be able to remove a pimple using a skin blemish cream, but this does nothing to treat the underlying cause of acne-prone skin.

When you find a product that works well with your skin, there’s little point in immersing your whole body in it. Just apply it where needed. This will not only reduce the chance of your body getting used to the product and adapting to it, it also reduces the chances of adverse reactions. Of course it’s also kinder to your purse.

And don’t be misled into buying a product for every hour of the day. Your skin is just the same by night as it is by day and will react in the same way. So the product that worked well for you in the morning will have just the same beneficial effects at night. Simply find the skin care products which work the best and apply as required.

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