Pro Active Cross Trainer

Pro Active is one of the renowned names in the fitness equipment industry. They have some of the most advanced fitness training equipment that fits your budget and suits your needs. Cross trainers helps you to lose weight and gives exercise for your upper and lower body muscles. it even give exercise for your heart. It is best for cardio vascular work outs. Using these machines you can get a perfect a workout within the comfort zone of your home. You don’t necessarily have to go to a gym or spent money over there. The two prominent models of Pro Active cross trainer are given below:

  • Pro Active Fitness Revolution 490 Cross Trainer

This elliptical cross trainer offers sixteen levels of magnetic resistance. This machine is easy to operate. The console can record the heart rate, speed, time, the calories burnt, BMI and distance etc. They also have an advanced stable surface adjustment. It can hold weight up to 136 Kg. They also have easy transport wheels and water bottle holder.

  • Pro Active Fitness Revolution XS520

You can change the magnetic resistance in this machine; there are almost 16 resistance levels. You can also adjust the stride length according to your comfort level. It has also got good safety measures. They have nine presets, two user defined, one body fat, manual and heart rate controlled programs. They also have a wide range of standard options. They also have additional features like water bottle holder and transport wheels. They also have a warranty of one year.

You can buy these cross trainers from retail shops selling branded fitness equipments. You can even purchase these machines online, but you should make sure that it’s a trustworthy website.  Pro Active Cross trainer assure you a healthy living which you have always dreamt of. It is also very comfortable for you as it is a low impact exercising machine. So rush to a nearest store and get one home.

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