Nail Care – Tips and Revelations

If you want to look and feel great, a good manicure is just as essential as the right haircut, makeup and skin care. Whether your nails are long and polished with a dazzling color or simply well-shaped and buffed, having well-manicured hands and nails adds the finishing touch and gives you more confident.

But not everyone has the time or finances to maintain a great looking manicure every day, throughout work, rest and play.

So here we’re going to take a close look at all the techniques you need – even the most sophisticated salon techniques – and put them to work for you at home, with lots of professional tips for achieving a flawless manicure. We don’t only look at the simpler solutions for nail care – but also demonstrate creative ways in encouraging you to make your hands and nails an integral part of your total style.

If you have problems growing your nails, or if you are a frequent nail biter, artificial nails are often a good option. If applied and removed correctly, artificial nails won’t harm your natural nails, but neither will they make them healthier.

If you do opt for artificial nails, you’ll need to have them touched up every few weeks to prevent them coming away. This will happen as the nail glue weakens and the artificial nails start to peel off. So you’ll need to visit your manicurist regularly.

Although artificial nails do vary there is no one type which is best for everyone. So here we look in detail at some of the most popular artificial nail systems you’ll find readily available.

We also look at sculptured nails – a process in which acrylic, gel or fibreglass is applied to your natural nails, and the material lengthened and sculpted over pieces of foil.

There are also plastic nail tips which can be applied with glue, then gel, acrylic, fibreglass or even silk placed over the entire nail. As your own nails grow out from underneath, the region behind must be filled in and the tips filed down.

We take a detailed look at all these systems, plus nail care and hand care in general, pricing and maintenance considerations, so you achieve that perfect manicured finish in rapport with your lifestyle and budget.

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