4 Simple Nutrition Rules For Losing Stomach Fat

We all know that losing stomach fat can be a tough job; however, if you will start following the 4 simple guideline below, you’ll lose stomach fat much faster.

Rule Number One:

You must get plenty of quality protein in your daily diet. Not only does protein have a higher thermic effect than carbs and fats, but it also keeps you from feeling hungry much longer. In other words, protein allows you to burn more calories simply by digesting food. In addition to that, keep in mind that it also helps you build and maintain lean muscle, which contributes to raising your metabolism as well.

Rule Number Two:

Whenever you consume carbohydrates, make sure that they come from high fiber sources such as fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid grains and refined sugars because these are the main reasons for why most people struggle with losing stomach fat. Keep in mind that fiber helps you stay sated and slow down the glycemic response of the foods you consume.

Rule Number Three:

Although it may seem like fat is your enemy most of the time, you shouldn’t be afraid to eat fats. In fact, when people tend to go way too low on their fat intake, it causes them to have more cravings. Instead, you should strive to eat more healthy fats on daily basis. Some of the best sources of fats are seeds, nuts, olive oil, avocados, nut butters, coconuts, and virgin coconut oil.

Rule Number Four:

No matter what you do, avoid the following two big mistakes…

First, stay as far away as possible from artificial trans fats from margarines, shortening, and hydrogenated oils that are found in most processed foods. Second, do not consume high fructose corn syrups that can be found in nearly all sweetened products on the market. Just keep in mind that if you just stay away from processed foods in general you will avoid these two big mistakes.

I strongly believe that if you just follow these four diet rules, you will gain control of your appetite, blood sugar levels, etc. The rest will start falling into place, allowing you to finally lose that stubborn stomach fat and take control of the way you look. Combine these diet rules with a few exercises and you will lose stomach fat faster than you think.


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